2022 Stavehøl

Another busy Summer is just a few weeks away. Time to make everything ready – clear out and rebuild firepits, cut pathways and lawns in the meadow (not a good time for the mower to break down!), make firewood and move all the outdoor furniture out of winter storage. All while enjoying a lovely sunny Spring with it’s beautiful but too fleeting waves of blossom and an ever changing cast of singing birds as new arrivals sneak in on southerly winds. Still no thrush nightingales yet though.

It’s been a very dry few months and water levels are low in the streams. Everything for the moment though is still vividly shades of green – and yellow too as oil seed rape (raps) is grown on our neighbouring arable fields for the first time in 8 years.

With increasing costs we’ve unfortunately had to put up our prices this year. We were the first glamping site on Bornholm (one of the first in Denmark) and had pretty low ‘introductory’ prices for many years. But now new glamping sites have sprung up all over the place, and we think staying in a belle tent or yurt is now no longer such an odd thing. We do have discounts for those who stay for longer than a week and are happy to give 10% off to those who arrive at Stavehøl by active means (walkers, cyclists, kayakers, hang gliders….). July and the first weeks of August are mostly fully booked but we still have availability at the end of June and the end of August if you’d like to experience the peace and calm of a Stavehøl summer.

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