Stavehøl 2021

We survived the strange year that was 2020. In fact we thrived. After the total lockdown over Easter and into May, people flocked to Bornholm to seek freedom and big open skies. And that desire for an escape to nature has continued through the Autumn and into a long Stavehøl winter, with guests here most winter weekends.

So what will 2021 bring? We’ve already got a lot of Summer bookings but there’s still plenty of space if you want to experience the calm and beauty of Stavehøl for yourself. We desperately hope that the borders will finally open and we can receive international guests once more, we’ve missed you!

Although winter has been unexpectedly busy with guests and ‚homeschooling‘, there has been the opportunity for some DIY ‚refreshing‘ of the apartments and the installation of much needed central heating radiators in the studio – though don’t worry the wood burner is still there.

Soon the snow will melt, we’ll repair the winter damage to Stavehølvej and the waves of Spring white will begin once more. I’ll leave you with the results of 2020’s project – a visual record of a year in the life of Stavehøl waterfall as I took a picture of the falls every week. It was an unusually mild year with no ice, frost or snow in any picture – 2021 has already been radically different!

February 2021 – first true winter in 3 years

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