Could Ulla please contact us

Hi Ulla. If you read this could you please contact us urgently please. We received your booking but can’t reply because your email address is not recognised. Please use the enquiry form. Many thanks Phil and Katrin

In praise of dandelions

Our 2 weeks of glorious sunshine ended today in a cool sea mist and a cherry blossom ‘snow fall’. The warmth has given us a great burst of growth and life. The anemones are still here (just), but they’ve been joined by successive waves of white blossom. First plum, then …

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Spring is here!

It’s here and it’s beautiful. We were waiting so longingly for it to arrive and now it’s here it’s almost heart-breakingly beautiful. Our woods have a stunning carpet of white and yellow anemones. Our plum trees are bedecked with clouds of blossom while our meadows are dotted with violets. Every …

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Surviving the winter

We’ve entered ‘meteorological spring’, though Bornholm is still largely in winter mode and real spring still seems out of reach. There are a few signs of life emerging though – snowdrops and celandines stubbornly blooming and fresh green ramson leaves unfurling in the woods. When the sun comes out a …

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